Download NetSurveyor – Free Software for Scanning Local Area Network

NetSurveyor is free software which scan the local area, and provide useful reports on any other local access points it finds. The program is easier to use than some of the competition. It detected the wireless adapter, and began scanning. It also provides multiple charts and graphs, which highlight particular network details. So you can see how local access points are using the various wireless channels, for instance (tweaking your network to use a less congested channel can make a real difference to performance).

Download NetSurveyor

Other graphs show you how an access point’s channel or signal strength varies over time, and you also get heat maps, differential charts and more.And if you’d like to try out the program, but don’t have a wireless adapter in your current system, don’t worry. NetSurveyor will detect this and give you the chance to run in Demo Mode, instead; this simulates multiple surrounding access points, and their varying signals, so giving you a chance to see if the program will suit your needs.


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