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Msgme is a mobile messaging platform that gives content owners the ability to add mobile interactivity to their current marketing – online, print, broadcast, or in-venue.

The easy-to-use web interface makes self-publishing effortless and gives content owners the power to create flexible mobile campaigns, customize their content delivery and send broadcast messages to their fans, customers, constituents, and friends.

Download Msgme


  • [advt]Cross-Channel Communications: SMS, MMS, IVR, QR Codes, and Social; all in one place.
  • Powerful Campaign Creation: Template-driven and feature-rich, our campaign manager creates any campaign type in seconds.
  • Subscriber Management: Filter and segment subscribers across channels to deliver content that is targeted, timely and relevant.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Test and learn as you measure campaign ROI with real-time reporting.
  • Short Codes and Compliance: Dedicated short code provisioning and certification; complete audit management and list maintenance.


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