Download Android App is a wildly popular news site now on the Android. Free to download. [androidqrcode: ¬†]Update you by getting the latest news and opinion – even when you’re on the go. The current version is for US HuffPost edition only.

Download for Android

In This Version:

  • Added new sections include culture, celebrity, women, crime, and San Francisco.
  • The widgets and download all feature are both more stable.


  • Easily browse through numerous HuffPost sections using NavBar.
  • Read news in rich media format, including images, videos, and slide shows.
  • Customize font size and sepia background.
  • Facebook/Twitter/Email share articles to your families and friends.
  • One-click search for your interested articles or authors.
  • Breaking news notification.
  • Download all contents as cache to view articles in offline mode.
  • Express widgets in four styles.

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