Download Droid Call Filter – Filter/Stop Unwanted Calls/Messages in Android Phone

Droid Call Filter is a tool designed for helping you to stop unwanted calls and messages in Android phone. The best phone call and text message filter / blocker for free, you can stop phone stalking, SMS intrusion, and harassment once for all. These unwanted and unwelcome calls or messages will not interrupt or annoy you any more. Droid Call Filter sets up a solid communication firewall for your device.

Download Droid Call Filter from Android Market

[androidqrcode: com.droiddev.blocker]


  • Choose from several working scenarios
  • Block unknown number calls, private calls, pay phones
  • Hangup modes: forward to voice mail, silent, once connected
  • Add block number from: contacts, message list, call logs, manually adding
  • [advt]Choose to send auto-reply messages when messages or calls blocked
  • Choose to make notification when calls/sms is blocked
  • Private space protected by password
  • Check blocked records
  • Restore blocked messages to SMS index box


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