Download Dataram RAMDisk – Set Size for RAM Disk

Dataram RAMDisk takes the entire configuration utility, set a size for your RAM disk, then switch to the Load and Save tab tick both load and save options to ensure the data within your RAM disk is stored on your hard drive, and tick AutoSave for additional protection. Once done, click Start RAMDisk and your virtual disk will be created and accessible via Windows Explorer, complete with its own drive letter.

Download Dataram RAMDisk

[advt]It’s simple to use and implement what you store within it is up to you, but you’ll find programs load quicker if their settings are stored within the RAM disk; transfer your browser’s temporary files cache to your RAM disk for example and you can speed up your browsing by as much as 20 per cent. Make sure you read the manual first (available from the Help menu) as it contains some useful information about System Restore and other potential problems you may encounter.

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