Download Comodo System-Cleaner – File Cleaner and Disk Registry Cleaner

System Cleaner LogoComodo System-Cleaner is a file cleaner, disk registry cleaner, and privacy cleaner that includes unique feature SafeDelete. It utilizes the patent-pending technology of SafeDelete to safely recover any files deleted in error, eliminating the risk from the process of PC cleaning.

Comodo System-Cleaner can reach deep into your PC and fully destroy any space-wasting junk. We’ve taken this ground-breaking feature and applied it to every aspect of CSC: the registry cleaner, disk cleaner, privacy cleaner, and duplicate finder. Users will also have access to a staggering menu of Windows customization options, to make your system perform exactly as you desire.

Download Comodo System-Cleaner


  • Deep cleaning of your PC’s registry: After a deep registry cleaning, Windows will be able to access the information it needs from the registry more quickly, boosting both performance and stability.
  • Deep cleaning of your PC’s disk drive: Eliminate the clutter inevitably built up over time in your disk drive to free up space and improve performance.
  • Clean-up scheduling: Enter when you’d like Comodo System-Cleaner to perform a deep clean so it’s convenient for you.
  • SafeDelete and Registry Protection: Use these features to backup all your files before cleaning. When cleaning is complete, you’ll be able to make sure your PC is in perfect condition before deleting for good.
  • Privacy cleaning: Clear out your digital trail (cookies, cache, browsing history, and more) with the privacy cleaner to keep your private information out of the hands of others.

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