Download Calorific Diet Tracker for Android – Track and Improve Your Diet

Calorific Diet Tracker LogoCalorific Diet Tracker is a new and simple approach to tracking & improving your diet. It’s focused on changing your eating habits, instead of providing a calorie count. Calorific uses the three-color traffic light system to keep you aware and accountable. Just classify your food into Great (green), OK (yellow), Bad (red) categories and off you go.

Download Calorific Diet Tracker For Android 

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  • Instant Food Search: It shows you the food as you type them, plus groups similar foods together.
  • Five-Star Rating: Instant feedback to tell you how healthy your meals are.
  • Your Ratio vs. Ideal Ratio: Contrast your food intake with the ideal, and work to improve your diet. The food colors are based on nutrition research.
  • More Info section for each category teaches you about food: Select this after searching for food.
  • Water Tracking: Helps you log how many cups you drink per day.

Calorific Diet Tracker Screenshot1Calorific Diet Tracker Screenshot2

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