Doocuments – Cloud App to Manage Documents

Doocuments offers the most widely used solutions for sending, receiving and tracking digital VIP content, eliminating all the content outbound concerns and helping enterprises. Doocuments technology is perfect for sending VIP files through the Internet without being afraid of the final destination or usage of the VIP information.

This software is an office tool such as Microsoft Office, Acrobat Reader or Apple’s iWork. However, Doocuments is not an authoring tool to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Doocuments’ list of VIP document features mainly focuses on collaboration and online security, including access certification, content legal certification, integrity authentication, granual content policies, watermarks, document expiry dates, watermarks, and more.


  • Handles VIP documents on the cloud.
  • Free and paid options available. Free version available with no stripped-down features.
  • Check online security and analytics of documents.
  • Analytics and viewing data available.
  • Quick service demo from the homepage.

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