Dockable, Configurable Desktop Launcher – Download SideSlide

SideSlide is a desktop extension that docks to any screen edge. You can also drag-and-drop text/images from your web browser to the workspace to create web snippets. It allows you to store your favorite RSS feeds, shortcuts to files/folders/URLs, notes, reminders etc. in “containers” that you can arrange, shrink and fold in the workspace. It is free software for windows.

Download SideSlide


  • Instantly accessible and adjustable workspace that stays out of your way until you need it
  • Add multiple shortcuts, commands, URLs, RSS news feeds, pictures, reminders and notes
  • Resizable, detachable, foldable and shrinkable containers extend the workspace beyond the limits of the screen
  • Mouse & keyboard support with a full-blown keyboard launcher and directory navigator
  • RSS news feed functionality allows you to track what you are interested in the most
  • Keep your eyes on multiple picture slideshows that are easily added
  • [advt]Floating, colorful notes are quickly created and adjusted in bulk or separately
  • Shortcuts can be tagged for additional functionality and organization
  • Various ways of launching multiple shortcuts with a single click
  • Link containers to actual folders on disk (launch, move, copy and delete files)
  • Shortcuts, URLs, text and pictures from Windows or your browser can be dragged & dropped in the workspace


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