DivXRepair – Free Tool that Repair AVI Files with Missing Frames

DivXRepair is a free tool which will try to repair AVI files with bad or missing frames. (A sign of this might be a video which freezes when you try to play it back, or briefly breaks up into coloured blocks of pixels.) It is fairly straightforward to use. Launch it; click “Add file” to add your troublesome AVI video click “Repair files” to launch the repair, and then wait to see what happens.

Download DivXRepair 

[advt]If all goes well then a text report will appear explaining what (if anything) the program has done. And if this involves a repair then there should be a new “fixed” version in the same folder as the source (if this was MyVideo.avi, that file would remain untouched, while the program creates a new version called MyVideo.REPAIR_OK.avi.) Sometimes it did fix video corruption problems, and very well. But on other occasions the program would do nothing at all, and a couple of times it started to write a new version of the video but then hung up itself.


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