Display internet IP on the Top of Taskbar Using Mr.IP

Mr.IP is an application that docks on top of your taskbar and displays your internet IP. And if you choose to be informed about a change of IP, MrIP will email it to you. Displays your IP address at all times on your desktop and sends you a notification by mail in case your IP address is changed. It is distributed by VeriFive and is available for free download. This IP address monitoring software is small in size. It shows your IP Address all the time on the desktop when you are connected to the internet.

Features of IP Address Monitoring

  • It is found at the top of your taskbar where it shows your current IP Address.
  • Silent mode is useful.
  • It does not cost a huge amount of space on your hard disk. It is very much lightweight and does not affect the performance of your PC.
  • You can refresh it at constant intervals to know if any change has occurred to your IP Address.
  • There is an option for docking or undocking the application over the taskbar.
  • It has an auto start feature. So it start when Windows starts.
  • You can check out the service by shooting a mail to your email id in order to confirm that it is really helpful when you need it.

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