DishTV’s Dish Tru High Definition (HD) Service

Redefining television viewing in India, Dishtv has today announced the launch of High Definition (HD) Service – Dish Tru HD on its platform. This offers the best high definition audio video experience to its viewers and takes television viewing to an entirely new paradigm.

HDTV is considered as one of the world’s best digital broadcast platforms with a higher resolution than traditional television system. The images and pictures appear more clear and sharp and sound quality is also enhanced. HDTV will improve the viewer experience by about 5 times over a regular television.

The Dish Tru HD creates an audio visual sensory experience that is far richer, deeper and more panoramic than standard definition viewing. Dishtv HD brings exceptionally clear, crisp pictures with vivid colors, upto five times more picture detail and upto 3 times enhanced sound quality, than standard definition.

For many years HD Ready TV’s are being sold in India but the consumers have been unable to enjoy the benefit of HD technology due to lack of HD distribution and HD programming. For the first time, viewers will be able to unleash the true power of their HD TV by receiving an end to end HD experience from programming to distribution to the decoder at the consumer’s home all in the true HD format.

Dishtv has an exclusive tie-up with Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. to offer its flagship channel Zee TV and Zee Cinema on its HD platform.

Dishtv will offer football aficionados the highly anticipated FIFA World Cup 2010 on High Definition, which offers viewers a near-stadium experience with 1080i resolution.

The channels which Dish Tru HD offering includes Zee TV HD, Zee Cinema HD, Discovery HD, National Geographic HD and FIFA World Cup broadcasted by ESPN on HD.


Dish Tru HD features:

  • 5 times sharper picture clarity: Experience clear, more vibrant and sharper pictures.
  • Theatre like stereophonic sound: A sound that gives the true cinematic experience.
  • Variable aspect (screen) ratio: A normal 4:3 as well as 16:9 for wide screen HD quality experience.
  • Vivid Colors: Experience true colors only with Dish Tru HD.
  • HDMI: The High Definition Multimedia Interface transfer the HD signals to your TV, so that you receive the true HD experience.
  • SPDIF connector: This would enhance your audio visual HD experience through the Home Theatre
  • 1080i: 1080i is an interlaced HDTV video mode. It implies a horizontal resolution of 1920 pixels and a frame resolution of 1920×1080 or about 2.07 million pixels. This is an astounding ten times better resolution and picture quality.

Dish Tru HD marks a significant leap forward, enhancing their offerings, expanding product portfolio and providing viewers an opportunity to enjoy the highest digital quality available. Moreover, Dish TV’s partnership with leaders in GEC and cinema content – Zee, and with the leaders in sports programming – ESPN Star Sports, significantly enhances content portfolio, to deliver best in class content to subscribers and provide favorite channels in a superior viewing experience.

The soccer fans will be able to enjoy FIFA World Cup 2010 telecast in high definition on Dish TV. The HD telecast will immensely enrich the experience of soccer fans as they get ready for the most eagerly anticipated sporting event this year. The ESPN STAR Sports bouquet has been on the Dish TV platform ever since its launch in 2004.

Dishtv has on its platform ~ 250 channels & services including 21 audio channels with over 7 million subscribers. Dish TV has a vast distribution network of about 900 distributors & 48,000 dealers that spans around 6600 towns across the country. Dish TV has 24*7 call centre with 1600 seats in 11 different languages to take care of subscriber requirements at any point of time.[source]

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