Digital Course Planner – Download “Get Organized” Free Software

Get Organized is a digital course planner for students of all ages that offers a lot more than just the standard course planning that physical planners offer. It is  possible to add terms and courses to the planner. It is very easy to done at anytime.

Get Organized is compatible with Windows, Linux and Macintosh systems. The program requires Java (Java Runtime Environment) 1.6 or higher to be installed on the system. It is a free application that is limited to only academic use.

A course is defined by its title, term, start and end date, class days, room number and credits. Get Organized furthermore can keep track of instructors (name, email, phone, Office location and hours), the grading scale and required textbooks.

In addition, courses can be displayed with their own color to make the identification easier. The digital course planner supports events and assignments that can be tracked as well.  Assignments are directly linked to a course, but events are not linked. Assignments are homework and other activities directly related to courses and events.

[advt]The application can display information about events, assignments, grades and courses in different ways in the interface. A list view and calendar view are available. They appear to only display information about events and assignments. For a calendar view add information to course. Filters are available to only display overdue assignments in the calendar.

The application can keep track of grades which are added by completing assignments.

Another  option is  ask the instructor button. This button can be used to directly email the course instructor if an email address has been added to the data set.


  • Keep track of terms, courses, and assignments
  • Add instructors, textbooks, and weighted grading to assignments
  • Keep track of grades for each assignment once it’s completed
  • Keep track of overall grades throughout terms in the Grade Book
  • Organized your social life with events as well
  • Color code any view by course (or event category), due date, or priority
  • Need help with an assignment? Click “Ask” to start an email to the instructor
  • View assignments and events in two views: List View – Sortable, colorful, scrollable, Calendar View – See the month laid out for you and never forget when things are due
  • The Mini Calendar in the lower-left corner helps you quickly see if something is due on a particular day (the day is marked red), or if things are due by you’ve already completed them and need to turn them in still (the day is marked blue)

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