Dhingana – Social Networking for Music Enthusiasts

Posted by Jayasankar

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DhinganaDhingana is a social networking site for music enthusiasts. You can login, hear songs, create play lists, share them, and network with like-minded folks.

In their lingo, Dhingana is “a platform that helps people connect ‘musically’ with each other.”

It is fully India focused – the songs being available being in Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi. You could say, a sort of north-indian raaga.com with some social networking thrown in.

The Hindi song list is pretty comprehensive and the song quality is very good.  The interface and the design are clean and web2.0 ish. Also, some interesting features like creating ‘diggable’ public playlists.

They could have thought of a better and intuitive way to create play lists though.

In the inevitable comparison to raaga.com, the big advantage from a user perspective is that you need not hear the advertisement before the song. While the raaga song database is more comprehensive and south-india focused, dhingana is more north and west-focused, with the overlap of course, being Hindi ie bollywood and indipop.

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