CSR Synergy for Android – Plug and Play, Multi-Radio Software Platform

CSR Synergy for Android is a complete plug-and-play, multi-radio software platform that provides end-users of Android-based products with advanced connectivity capabilities. It also enables OEMs to quickly and easily develop differentiated products with a richer and more innovative set of features than the standard Android platform can support.

A complete plug’n’play connectivity package for Android, CSR Synergy for Android includes support for Bluetooth, FM, Wi-Fi and GPS. CSR Synergy for Android drastically simplifies the integration of multiple wireless technologies, speeding time-to-market and reducing development cost for OEMs by including everything from low-level transport drivers, through protocol stacks to high level UI add-ons for Android.


Support for all the technologies in CSR’s portfolio in a single, cohesive package:

  • Bluetooth v2.1+EDR and v3.0+HS
  • More Bluetooth profiles than any other Android Bluetooth solution[advt]
  • Wi-Fi b/g/n including WAPI and WPS
  • GPS
  • FM transceiver + RDS
  • Audio-DSP functions
  • Supports Android Eclair and Froyo
  • Fully compliant with Android’s Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) and Compatibility Definition Document (CDD)
  • Fully pre-qualified Bluetooth solution to reduce cost and speed up time to market

CSR Synergy for Android offers performance improvements in wireless technology interoperability and enables advanced new end-user use-cases.


Improve connectivity features on Android and differentiate your product using CSR Synergy for Android

CSR Synergy for Android removes parts of the Android standard Connectivity Centre and replaces them with the CSR Synergy components. This gives:

  • Fully plug’n’play Android solution: No porting needed to enable CSR Synergy for Android on Android powered devices. Example UIs make it really easy to go to production in the shortest possible timeframe
  • More Bluetooth profiles than Bluez: CSR Synergy for Android adds BIP Initiator and Acceptor, AVRCP1.4 Target and Controller, BPP, DUNGW, HID Host and Device in addition to the already existing Android profiles. This opens new markets of products for use of Android OS and it allows manufacturers to differentiate and create innovative products
  • Support for the latest Bluetooth specifications: CSR Synergy for Android supports Bluetooth v3.0+HS, which is the perfect match for an Android Smart Phone. This enables 10x faster transfer of ever-growing multimedia content from one device to another. By adding Bluetooth 4.0 low energy to our Android offering, Android products can be connected to a whole new ecosystem of small sensors and devices with tiny power consumption
  • Full FM support: For both receive and transmit including RDS in both directions, allowing your Android phone to be converted into your own radio station

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