Create Wireframe and UI Mockup Online at Creately

Creately is a valuable, easy-to-use diagram, wireframe, and web design tool. It is a collaborative online diagram software to create wireframe and UI mockup online. Creately allows the user to create design diagrams for engineering projects, model designs for experiments and analysis diagrams for management and analysis. Creately is very useful for software engineers who need to draw diagrams for software architecture designs. Creating UML diagrams for object oriented design of a project, Flowcharts, Mindmaps, Wireframes, strategy maps, concept flow diagrams  etc. Creately makes diagramming and design easy. User do this with an access anywhere, online application that is purpose built for collaboration. Creately allows teams to solve problems and collaborate visually.

The simple interface and intuitive features of this free UI mockup software makes the user feel that diagramming using Creately software is as simple as doing it on paper. Creately free software contains a number of design objects, Ready made templates and excellent design features that help the user create Design diagrams effortlessly. Creately free UI mockup software contains a Visual Document Manager with a central repository online to store the diagrams and design projects that are created by the user. Collaborators in a project can easily share, view, update and track the changes to the online diagrams and designs that are stored.


  • Seamlessly create Design Diagrams.
  • Export and publish them in PDF, JPG and PNG formats.
  • Store Project Diagrams and designs securely in an archive.
  • Sharing diagrams for viewing, editing, updating, and tracking changes.
  • Private workspaces to allow collaboration of team members during the design.
  • Sharing the entire project so that designs can be updated by the clients.
  • Simple team management to organize and manage the design team.
  • Allowing multiple administrators in a team account and updating team contact list.
  • Export/Import Creately files to save a backup.

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