Create Logos, Icons, Patterns Using Mutapic Online Picture Generator

MutapicMutapic is an online picture generator; it generates original artworks fast. It is a tool for designers, artists and craftsmen. It can be used to create logos, icons, patterns, illustrations, and just for fun. It proposes ideas, makes sketches and allows you to refine your sketches until you get a final artwork. You need Mutapic Pro to load images from your local drive.

The artwork users create with Mutapic is based on selecting and altering objects randomly generated within a set of user defined parameters. Mutapic randomly generates two images which users can combine to make a third image.


With Mutapic, user can experiment with filters which alter the newly created third image. There are sixteen different filters that users can apply to their images. Within each of the sixteen filters are more variables that can alter an image.

Top of the filter options in Mutapic are overlay options and image mixing options. If this sounds like a lot of variables.

Create your own online masterpieces by utilizing numerous functions of Mutapic, such as shapes, color, tint, brightness, scale, blur, glow, and texture, among others. With Mutapic you may create pictures simply for fun, or use them for other purposes. Mutapic also offers a more developed tool for purchase, known as Mutapic Pro. This tool can be downloaded onto the user’s computer. It is a faster speed and more functionally web-based picture generator

Mutapic Pro Features

  • Saves pictures locally on your hard drive in JPEG format
  • Use any image you want as an Input Picture. You are not limited to using the Mutapic Image Ban
  • A copyright free collection of 4000 vector shapes made for Mutapic

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