Core FTP – Download Free FTP Client for Windows

Core FTP is a free FTP client for windows. It has all the features that are required for seamless file transfer. This FTP client boasts of a number of interesting features that include Drag and drop options, command line transfers, file Masking and options to save the favorite menu items and drop down lists. FTP clients are designed to do so and one such client is Core FTP which is highly popular for its intuitive features and tool options.

Download Core FTP

Features of Core FTP Free FTP Client:

  • Fast and Secure transfer : Secure socket layer support (SSL ) and HTTPs mode of transfer makes sure that the data transferred between the server and client machines is safe and no intruders get access to critical data.
  • Bandwidth control: The user is allowed to control the network bandwidth that is used to carryout the transfer. This is done according to the need of the user and the bandwidth that needs to be allocated to this application, considering the other network based applications that are running.

FTP Transfer options:

  • The user can Drag and Drop files to transfer. Further the user can also use the command line mode of transfer to select the files and transfer them.
  • The user can integrate this freeware with the browser.
  • The user is allowed to start/ stop and resume file transfer, whenever he wants. Additionally when some transfers fail, there is an option to automatically retry the transfer.
  • Remote file searching and file viewing and editing is also possible.
  • The user can also create desktop shortcuts for easier access.
  • Changing file permissions, password editings and access key changes can be made.
  • The user can also keep some of the transfers alive for a particular period of time.
  • Site to site transfers are also possible.
  • An intuitive and a simple user interface make all these activities, easy to carry out.

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