Corbis – Creative Resource for Advertising, Marketing

Corbis is a creative resource for advertising, marketing and media professionals, providing a comprehensive selection of photography, illustration, footage, typefaces and rights clearance services.

Through its branded web sites Corbis, Corbis Motion, Veer and GreenLight, the company helps the creative community make distinctive advertising and publishing for the Internet, magazines, newspapers, books, television and films. Corbis is based in Seattle, with offices in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia that serve more than 50 countries.

It sells the rights to photographs, footage and other visual media. It has a collection of more than 100 million images and 500,000 video clips.

Corbis’s collections include:

  • Contemporary creative imagery from the zefa, etsa, Corbis’s wholly owned collections and others.[advt]
  • Celebrity photos from the Outline and Corbis Entertainment collections
  • Historical images from photojournalists, museums, and cultural institutions
  • Corbis has a subsidiary, Veer, that focuses on licensing low-cost images that are crowd-sourced from photographers around the world as well a fonts and creative merchandise

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