Convert Bookmarks from One Browser to Another – Bookmark Converter

Bookmark Converter is an innovative utility that allows the user to convert bookmarks from one browser to another. With this the user can add, delete and rename bookmarks effortlessly apart from allowing to convert bookmarks from one browser’s to another. The advantage is that these bookmarks can be seamlessly integrated or converted from different browsers. It supports all the popular browsers such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.

How to Convert Bookmarks from one Browser to Another:

  • Select from a list of browsers, to convert the bookmarks.
  • Select single/ multiple bookmarks or the directory as a whole: Using Shift key will allow the user to select a series of bookmarks. And using the Ctrl key will help the user select multiple bookmarks in random order. The user can also select all the available bookmarks from the list.
  • [advt]Creating new bookmark to be stored on a browser is possible. This can be done using the Edit option from the menu bar or selecting from a list of options that are displayed upon right click in the bookmark window.
  • Converting bookmarks:
    • Select the browsers between which the bookmark conversion is to be made. A window pane for each of these browsers along with their bookmarks is displayed in the main window.
    • Choose the bookmarks to be converted, from the bookmarks panel.
    • Click on convert button to complete. Conversion can happen in two ways.

Download Bookmark Converter


  • An intuitive interface that is similar to Windows explorer provides a user friendly experience even to naive users.
  • Supports all the popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer and so on.
  • User-friendly options like, option to select one or all of the bookmarks while converting them.
  • Drag and drop feature while performing bookmark conversions.
  • Options to Rename the bookmarks and filtering illegal characters while doing so.

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