Comodo Disk Encryption – Maintains Encrypted Files on Removable Media

Comodo Encryption LogoComodo Disk Encryption software protects sensitive information by enabling encryption of any drive on the system. Encryption is the process of scrambling data using a kind of code known only to the software doing the coding, so that anyone accessing the private data is unable to read it. Disk Encryption works on the fly, so there’s no need to shut down or reboot the PC to encrypt private data. Disk Encryption offers several different methods of accessing the encrypted data to suit. Comodo Disk Encryption is a solution for maintaining encrypted files on removable media. [advt]

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Methods of Authentication

  • Set a password of your choice that must be entered whenever you want to access the encrypted data
  • USB Disk Authentication – Configure a USB device to act as a “key” to view encrypted information (it must be plugged into the system for access).
  • For the highest level of security, choose to only allow access to the data when both a USB and password are present.


  • Keep data totally protected from hackers, thieves, and all unauthorized viewing
  • You don’t want private data to be accessed when you’re away from your computer
  • If your desktop or laptop is stolen, the thieves will not have access to personal data
  • Share your computer with other people knowing that they can’t view your personal files
  • To be the only person that is able to start a specific computer

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