Co-op – Connecting With Co-workers for Sharing Ideas

Co-op makes it easy to stay connected with your co-workers without disrupting them. Your team can use it to post updates, ask questions, share links, and track time. Quickly share your daily idea with your co-workers. Quickly scan your co-workers’ ideas. Then cancel your daily status meetings. As each team member updates status and tracks time, Co-op automatically records the transcript. You can go back in time to see what your team has accomplished each day.

Its a simple solution for team collaboration.[advt] It’s a tool to use everyday to keep each other updated on whats working on right now and what is your plan to work on later. It has made us more efficient as well as have more fun throughout the work day, it’s our central medium to share links and thoughts within the team.

Co-op provides an API for interacting with the statuses of a Co-op workstream. This includes looking back in history day-by-day and user-by-user. Group, user, and ideas interactions are also provided to allow interacting with almost every area of Co-op.


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