Cloud-Based Visual Dialing Solutions – Fonolo

Fonolo reduces call center costs while improving the customer experience. It offer callers an alternative to navigating the phone menu, enhance mobile applications to interact with your call center. Increase conversion of web site visitors to callers. Get more rapid and more detailed feedback from callers and lower costs and gain happier callers with no infrastructure changes.

Every day, millions of people make calls to large companies — banks, airlines, mobile carriers, etc — to speak to a customer service representative. For consumers, these calls amount to a dreaded chore and a considerable loss of time. For companies, these calls can translate into frustrated unhappy customers and billions of dollars of annual operating costs. Fonolo organise to handle this problems.


  • Visual DialingReduce zero-outs and get callers to the right agent the first time.
  • Virtual Queuing Replace hold-time with a call-back. Happier callers and lower telecom costs.
  • Pre-call Questions Reduce handle times by collecting info from callers before the call.
  • Post-call Surveys Improve the customer experience by getting caller feedback in real-time.
  • Smart-phone ready Easily add intelligent calling to your existing mobile application.
  • Zero Integration Works with your existing infrastructure.

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