Cloud Based Personal Wiki Notepad for iOS Devices – Download TypeLink

TypeLinkis a cloud-based personal wiki notepad. It allows you to organize your information easily and get to it wherever you are. TypeLink easy to organize information of any kind, in a way that makes sense to you, information is arranged in ways it’s easy to reuse. It’s easy to share documents with individuals to edit, or for the whole world to see and you have instant access to the latest version of your notes from any computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

Download TypeLink


  • Organize your notes in pages that link to each other
  • In addition to iOS app, web app for full access to view and edit your notes from any web browser
  • No wiki syntax to remember
  • Links are made automatically
  • Share notes publicly with a simple URL
  • Share notes for editing by other users
  • Links are color-coded to indicate whether they’re public, private, or shared for editing
  • Bulk import and export text files from your computer through the web app
  • Video tour to walk you through how to use the app
  • [advt]Full iPhone and iPad-formatted help documents
  • Universal binary supports iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and retina display
  • Unicode support: take notes in any language or character set.
  • Compatible with iOS 3 and iOS 4 on all iOS devices, including first gen

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