– Free Service for .mp Domain Name is the collaborative effort of companies, groups and individuals dedicated to the principles of Ownership, Data Portability,Open Social Web, Open Stack and Portable Contacts. The . mp is the top-level domain (TLD) of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, a United States Commonwealth (CNMI). The .mp TLD works just like .com, .net and .org – the big difference is your .mp domain name is free for use with the service. You own and manage all of your content, it host your site for you. All for free. stands for Content Hub & Identity Management Platform

  • Use your site to collect, promote and connect the elements of your digital life in one place
  • This includes displaying your contact information, biography, blogs, messaging tools, websites and content from services such as Twitter, Facebook and Flickr
  • Automatically import tweets from Twitter, photos from Facebook and Flickr and just about anything with a RSS or Atom feed, Then you can easily promote your site by pushing updates to Twitter and Facebook
  • With a pro account you can use the multiple profiles feature to keep selected information private or invite a select few to view more personal information
  • Your activity stream makes promoting your digital content easy

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