Cellblock – Real Time Collaborative Photo/Video Blogging Widget

Cellblock is a real-time collaborative photo/video blogging widget that works with any email-capable device (cell phones, computers, PDAs, etc.). Many of Cellblock users embed them on their blogs or web pages to connect with their audience through rich media.

Cellblock owners have complete control over content publication so there is no need to worry about inappropriate or unwanted material. Cellblock’s public API allows developers to integrate real time photo and video publishing technologies on any website. Cellblock is a real-time collaborative photo/video site.


Cellblock enables instant multimedia publishing across websites, desktops and mobile devices (i.e., your cell phone). People can be both adding and viewing pictures and videos in a Cellblock via the web, desktop, or mobile device.

Cellblocks are ubiquitous content albums that can be viewed and contributed to from just about anywhere at the Cellblock owner’s discretion.

[advt]Users are not locked into one way of using Cellblock. A wide range of options allows for Cellblocks to be configured from the maximum access described above down to a very restrictive scenario where only the Cellblock owner can contribute to and view the Cellblock.

You can also set a Cellblock to send notifications to email addresses as new content arrives so you can review it within the body of the notification email. And there is more stuff like whitelists, etc.

It has very efficient and reliable Rich Media Infrastructure that is available to anyone via the Cellblock API. With this API, you can add instant multimedia publishing to your own applications at a very low programmatic level, create your own widgets, without any hint of Cellblock branding on your site.


  • Create your own cellblocks.
  • Drag & drop as many files into your cellblock as you want.
  • Embed cellblocks on other websites, webpages, or blogs.
  • Start new cellblocks on-the-fly from your cell phone.
  • Completely control who gets to contribute and see your cellblocks.
  • Rate and comment on other people’s cellblocks.
  • Automatically catalog all the photos and videos you send in.


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