Celebrate World Family Day with Tata DOCOMO

The feeling of going back home after a long hectic day, to your loved ones, is a breather in itself. But do we really spend quality time with them? Time they deserve to get from us?

All of us need a reason to get together; the International Family Day on 15th May is just it! It’s all about taking some time out from your daily monotonous routine and spending it with your folks instead. And this is exactly what Tata DOCOMO is adding impetus to. They want you to reach out, re-connect and re-live those good ol’ family moments on the occasion of this Family Day.

Tata DOCOMO brings you an opportunity to enjoy this special day through a weeklong open engagement activity which primarily focuses on reaching out to your loved ones and promotes togetherness. You can be a part of this family fun & frolic via two easily accessible mediums, Facebook & Twitter.

For Facebook they have creatively used its already existing feature called ‘family tree’ to bring your family closer. Wherein all you need to do is virtually connect with all your close or distant family members and make them join your family tree. The one who successfully connects with maximum relatives wins an exclusive Tata DOCOMO 3G Wi-Fi Hub.

While in case of Twitter, all you need to do is travel down your memory lane, recollect and share the most heart warming or joyous family moment from any of the Bollywood flicks. The most interesting entry, again, wins the Tata DOCOMO 3G Wi-Fi hub. Now these are the topics towards which almost everyone might have something to contribute.

What’s more? To add icing on the cake they have recently introduced the MyFamily plan on Postpay exclusively to suite your family member’s needs. There is one for everyone! This unique family plan allows you to choose a plan & share benefits amongst your folk’s worth Rs. 7100 @ really feasible rates. Moreover you get one single bill for the entire family!

I’m sure these are enough reasons to bring your family closer! Being a part of this warm event you are actually connecting with your distant family members which you wouldn’t otherwise do without an occasion. Little wonder then Tata DOCOMO has given people a reason to re-connect and relive old memories with their families on this family day!

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