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Stuff Organizer is an open source, multi-purpose item cataloging application for Windows which allows saving source directories of ebooks, movies, music, games, with option to add and set up new categories for any kind of item.  Stuff Organizer Portable is a useful , easy to use and Open Source cataloging program for your media files. If  user have many downloaded files from torrent or web and would like to organize them, user  will have to download this program. It works in Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2008 / 2003.

Download Stuff Organizer for Free

Currently supported languages are English, Hungarian, French, German, Russian. This intuitive application can unpack compressed files(7z, zip, rar) and done it automatically cleans up the unnecessary files that usually remain in the directory ( .svf, file_id.diz etc). Furthermore it even has the ability to extract your iso files, making your job a lot easier.

Stuff Organizer has many filtering and sorting options that will allow you to find exactly the results you are looking for while browsing your database, it supports tags, it will allow you save NFO file content (extremely useful for torrent users), has an Intelligent Category Selector  that automatically assigns newly added files to their respective categories and it even supports a series of plug-ins that will allow you to find descriptions for your movies and many other interesting things.

The Features are :

  • unpack compressed files in two levels (included 7z, rar, zip plugin)
  • after unpack, cleans up the unused files in the directory (e.g: file_id.diz, sfv file)
  • extract iso if you want
  • sort to multi-level categories
  • support drag-n-drop
  • support tags
  • save NFO file content and image to database


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