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4 Call Services of Reliance communication are Missed Call Alet, Contacts Backup, Call Blocking, Voice Messages. You can access these services through Rworld.

Missed Call Alert

Get details of all the calls you may have missed when your phone was switched off, out of network or not reachable.

Subscription charges Rs. 15 / month

To Subscribe

  • SMS M to 51234 (Tollfree)
  • Dial *123*700(Tollfree)

To Unsubscribe

  • SMS UNSUBM to 51234 (Tollfree)

Contacts Backup

If you’ve lost or changed your phone, keying in all your contacts again is tedious. But now, you can have your address book secure and transferred to your new phone without any hassles.

  • [advt]How to use
  • Subscribe to service
  • To add numbers to be blocked, send ADDSCB to 51234

Call Blocking
No unwanted callers anymore. Block the numbers you don¿t want to receive calls from. Service available for both prepaid and postpaid users, as well as Fixed Wireless Phone users. You can block upto 30 phone numbers.

Voice Messages

Not too fond of T9? Tired of typing out long SMSes? Don’t bother. Just dial our number, speak out your message, have it recorded and sent to your contact.

How to use:
1. Dial 51234 111 from your Reliance phone.
2. Record your message upto 1 minute in the language of your choice.
3. Sent your message to any MTNL/GSM/CDMA phone in India.
4. Your recipient has to just dial a number and retrieve the message any time.
5. If your recipient misses the message, they will receive a call with the voice message on their landine or their mobile.
6. Voice message is available in Bengali, English, Gujarathi, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu.

  • Subscription Rs. 30 per month
  • Dial charges toll free


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