Bumped – Optimize Travels and Enhance Overall Trip Experience

Bumped.in, an outlet that allows user to connect, network and interact. Bumped.in is a powerful networking tool that makes business and personal trips more productive and enjoyable. With the proprietary matching engine, it give people the ability to search for and match up with each other at any point before and during travel with people whom they ordinarily wouldn’t have met. It could be on a train, plane, or at a local destination or event, waiting for a connection or while you are looking to occupy some down time. Bumped.in allows members to upload a profile of them or use Facebook Connect, as well as their itineraries and contacts.

Bumped.in is specifically designed to help you optimize your travels and enhance your overall trip experience. Build valuable relationships with others in transit and ultimately, change the way you travel for good.

  • [advt]One stop destination to manage your daily commute, business and personal trip via train and plane
  • Simple and elegant UI to quickly add, edit and mange all trips
  • One click, simple UI to send a meeting invite to people who are traveling with you
  • In-depth privacy controls, allow user to control who can see your trips, send invite or ask for a meeting
  • Allow user to share ongoing travel experience and photos while you are traveling
  • See map view of destinations, weather information, nearby hotels and restaurants and much much more.
  • Explore most popular airlines, train lines, airports, train stations.



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