Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit for Mobile Phone (Price Rs 1900 in India Approx)

Nokia is set to launch its eco-friendly mobile charger, Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit by the end of Feb, latest by March 2011. Nokia has already announced its Bicycle charger for European markets at €30 ,which is approximately Rs. 1,900 in Indian Rupees.

It sports a 2mm charger interface and provides 28 minutes of talk time for every 10 minutes spent riding between 6kph and 50kph. It comes with a Nokia charger, phone holder, and bottle dynamo.

How to use it?

Use your own pedal power to charge your phone when you cycle. Charging starts when you cycle at walking speed (6 km/h) or faster, and at 12 km/h it charges as efficiently as common Nokia mains chargers.

Install the kit straight out of the packet, and with no environmental impact. You can even listen to music from your phone’s speakers as you cycle.

This durable and dependable charger kit gives you a reliable electricity supply from your own pedal power. It’s carefully designed to withstand dirt and weather, and both the phone and bicycle charger attach securely to bicycle.


An efficient source of energy: The Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit starts charging at walking speed (6 km/h) and stops when your speed reaches 50 km/h. The total charging time varies depending on the phone and the cycling speed. For example, with just 20 minutes of cycling at 10 km/h you can power up a Nokia 1202 for 1 hour of talk time or 74 hours of standby time. The Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit is compatible with all Nokia phones that have a 2 mm charging interface.

Easy to install: The Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit is easy to install and suits many different types of bicycles. The kit consists of three components: a bottle dynamo, a charger and a phone holder. The bottle dynamo fits to the front of the bike with a mounting bracket. The charger and phone holder attach securely to the handle bars. The charger, phone holder and phone can be removed easily whenever you park your bike.

Handy and secure: The rubberised phone holder mounts your phone securely to your bike and protects it from the vibrations of bumpy roads. You can mount it right in front of you on the handlebars so that you can see the charging progress and listen to music on your phone’s speakers as you cycle.

Durable and reliable: The charger is carefully designed to withstand dirt, humidity, and weather, with an ultrasonically welded case and clear coating on the electronics. The dynamo is also very robust. The phone holder comes with a transparent bag to protect your phone from dirt and humidity.

Wallet-friendly and eco-friendly: Save money and save the environment by generating your own power as you cycle. The Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit pays itself back quickly through savings on charging costs. And because you generate the electricity, there is no additional environmental impact from charging.


Physical features


  • Dynamo: 40.5 x 94.5 mm
  • Charger: 70 x 34 x 21 mm
  • Phone holder
  • Connecting cables: 500 mm + 375 mm (from charger to dynamo), 350 mm (from charger to phone)


  • Dynamo (with mountings): 250 g
  • Dynamo (excluding brackets): 190 g
  • Charger: 36 g
  • Phone holder


  • 2 mm charging interface

Operating temperature

  • -15°C to +55°C


Power generation:

  • Compatible with bottle type bicycle dynamos with 6 V/3 W and 12 V/3 W output
  • 5.0 V/450 mA/15 km/h. Maximum current 70 mA
  • Charging starts at ~6 km/h and maximum output is achieved at 25 km/h. Charging stops when the speed reaches 50 km/h.
  • Charging time depends on cycling speed, for example a Nokia 1202 with a 860 mAh battery can be charged with about 20 minutes of cycling at a speed of about 10 km/h (for the Nokia 1202 this would mean approximately 57 mins talk time or 74 h standby time)

Sales Package contents

Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit:

  • Bottle Dynamo for Bicycles
  • Nokia Bicycle Charger DC-14
  • Nokia Phone Holder for Bicycles CR-124
  • 4 black re-usable cable ties
  • Plastic bag (to protect the phone against dust and humidity)

See the list of Nokia Phones that are compatible with The Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit

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