Social Dating Network – Chat, Flirt and Meet People

BadooBadoo is te largest networking website which allows its members with the ability to communicate and share their lives with people both locally and around the globe. Its many features include the next generation in photo/video sharing and social networking. More importantly, though, Badoo allows its users to gain an instant mass audience for themselves and their work.


Badoo is the largest, fastest growing Social Network for meeting new people in the world, very popular in Southern Europe, South America, Eastern Europe and parts of Asia.

[advt]With over 100 million users in over 180 countries using the site in 24 languages, is a truly global, multi-lingual, location-based, “social dating” network, focused on chatting, flirting and meeting new people.

Badoo has utilised the platform of Facebook to promote its own content. A lot of times, such an attempt fails because of the very presence of Facebook which eliminates the necessity for another social networking app, but Badoo’s app is creative and engages the user in casual quizzing game.


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