AVG LiveKive Automatically Backs Up and Synchronizes Your Files

AVG LiveKive automatically backs up and synchronizes all your files from your devices, enabling you to view and share data safely anytime, anywhere.  Also it is available for iPhone. It provide for 30 days trail version.

Download AVG LiveKive

Download AVG LiveKive for iPhone

Automatic backup: Schedule automatic backups of all your data for complete peace of mind. You can also restore any important files, folders, etc that were accidentally deleted.

Find all your files & folders in one place: Synchronise data from all your PCs and Macs into one safe location for instant, hassle-free access.

Access your files on the move: View your files and photos anytime, anywhere with your secure web account or with AVG LiveKive apps for your iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Share large files with ease: Share files, folders, photos and music with friends, family, and colleagues via share rooms you can create and monitor with ease.

Stay secure: Rest easy knowing your valuables are kept safe in our secure data centers which are protected with military-grade encryption.

[advt]Save time: Save time with incremental backups that upload only those documents which have changed.


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