– Shows Google, Bing and Twitter Search Results Together is a web 2.0 Search Engine, which allows you to search for real time results on Google, Bing and Twitter at the same page. There are also some usefull tools like text translation, Browser Addons and real time trends lists of Google, Twitter, Bing.[advt]

Install askboth Web App for Google Chrome

In askboth home page there are options to search the entire web, or images or news. Once we hit the search button, search result will be shown on the same page in 3 different panes. In left pane google search results will be shown and bing search result will be shown on the right pane. Tweets conataining the search keywords will be shown on the middle pane.

At the bottom of the search result page, there are options which include

Trends: It shows top 10 Google and Twitter trends and Top 5 Bing trends.

Translate: This option allows you to translate text among various languages.

Add-ons: It contains Askboth search add on(for IE, Firefox and Chrome), Askboth Translate (Firefox Addon), Askboth Translate (IE 8 Accelerator) for Internet Explorer.

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