Asia Pacific Mobile Advertisement Market Grows at 10% – InMobi

InMobi, the mobile advertising network, revealed its Mobile Insights Report “Asia Pacific Edition April 2011“, reporting a 10% increase in the Asia Pacific mobile ad market from January to April 2011. The largest and most comprehensive report of its kind is based on data from the InMobi global network which serves 35 billion monthly mobile advertising impressions to over 314 million consumers globally. Following the global trend, Android surpasses iPhone OS impression share in Asia Pacific for the first time, capturing 9.5% share of regional ad impressions.

InMobi was recently selected as the 2011 AlwaysOn Top 100 Mobile Companies in Silicon Valley. InMobi provides advertisers, publishers and developers with a uniquely global solution for advertising. Its network delivers the unprecedented ability to reach 314 million consumers, in over 200 countries, through more than 35 billion mobile ad impressions monthly.  InMobi has offices in Nairobi, London, San Francisco, Bangalore, Tokyo and Singapore.

Asia Pacific findings

  • Asia Pacific mobile impressions on the InMobi network surpass 18 billion monthly impressions, growing 10% from January to April 2011.
  • The volume of mobile impressions in Asia Pacific signifies the reach mobile devices can offer local, regional and global brands in these mobile first markets.
  • Advanced phones still dominate the market with 76% share of ad impressions.
  • Smartphone impressions continue to grow at a faster pace than advanced phone impressions, although smartphones represent only 1 of every 4 ads in this enormous market.
  • Android reaches 1.7 billion impressions to capture 9.5% share of impressions, gaining +4.3 share points in just 3 months.
  • Nokia OS remains the top platform in the region, but loses -1.9 share points to hold 27.3% share.
  • iPhone OS and Android together now represent 18.9% of all InMobi impressions in the region.
  • Nokia remains the dominant mobile device manufacturer in the region, controlling 49.9% of the mobile ad share in the market.
  • Even with a drop of 1.5 share points in April 2011, Nokia continues to be the dominant device manufacturer in Asia Pacific by ad impressions.
  • With a 16.8% market share, Samsung grew the fastest from January to April 2011, gaining +2.6 share points.
  • 7 of every 10 mobile ads across the InMobi network in Asia Pacific are delivered on Nokia or Samsung devices.
  • India (41.6%), Indonesia (25.2%), and Vietnam (9.1%) represent the greatest portion of mobile impressions in Asia Pacific on the InMobi network.

Global Findings

  • Total mobile advertising impressions on the InMobi network grew by 11 percent (January to April 2011).
  • This was driven by the large influx of smartphone impressions, which increased by 2.3 billion during the period.
  • Globally, 39 percent of all mobile ad impressions now occur on smartphones.
  • Smartphones continue to become a primary channel to digital media consumption on a global basis, especially in markets including Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa, where consumers rely on their smartphones as their primary gateway to digital content.
  • Android smartphone growth continues at a rapid pace, capturing an additional +3.3 share points to represent nearly 17 percent of all mobile ads globally.
  • Mobile phone manufacturers Samsung, Apple and HTC continued to capture share from global leader Nokia.
  • Although Nokia still remains in the number one position with 37 percent share of global impressions, their historical dominance is quickly eroding.
  • Nokia lost -1.0 share points in just 90 days, while Samsung (+1.2 share pts), Apple (+0.4 share pts) and HTC (+1.2 share pts) gained share.

Global Operating System Share April 2011

Operating System Impressions % Global Share Point Change
Nokia 6,838,150,588 19.5% -0.6
Symbian 6,335,241,927 18.1% -0.1
Android 5,874,242,973 16.8% +3.3
iPhone 5,703,575,652 16.3% +0.4
RIM 1,701,706,446 4.9% +0.6
Others 8,575,937,906 24.5% -3.4


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