appsfire – Share Your Favorite iPhone and Android Apps

appfire_logoappsfire allows you to share your favorite iPhone and Android Apps with your friends. Download the Appsfire app for iPhone or Appsfire for Android to create a profile.  iOS users, you can also keep your apps synced with Appsfire Sync. All you have to do is download and install Appsfire Sync on your Mac or PC. It will scan your apps on iTunes so you can create your MyApps profile.

With your MyApps profile, you can share your apps any way you’d like – email, social network or widget. Your profile will also sync directly with the Appsfire iPhone app when you install it.

[advt]Appsfire is the best way to discover the greatest apps,  it’s your personalized App Store. It helps you to find new apps, just join on appsfire it will inform you about new apps at launching time.

appfire helps:

  • Anyone can easily find apps they will obsessively love and use,
  • App developers can find a better way to reach their target audience, without having to hunt for them.
  • Brands and companies can find an efficient way to jump in the app ecosystem, without prior knowledge or expertise


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