Aircel 3G Pocket Finder – Check For Local Info, Friends’ Location – SMS “Finder” to 54654

Aircel Pocket Finder is a location based service by Aircel which helps you can find your current location on a map, check for local information around your position and at the same time find your friends’ location and information around them, nearest restaurants, coffee shops etc. It also allows you to share your current location with friends and family.

Aircel Pocket Finder offers you the following services:

  • Find Me : Helps you find your current location and share it on Twitter/Facebook
  • Local Search : This helps you to search for information on petrol pumps, ATMs, hospitals etc. You can get driving directions to them, look for their location on the map, or simply get their contact information.
  • Friend Finder : This helps you to add friends and share locations between each other. It also allows you to call/send messages to friends.

Aircel Pocket Finder can be accessed by sending the SMS keyword “Finder” to 54654. You will then receive a link from which the application can be downloaded onto the phone.

Pocket Finder uers need to pay Rs 10/- for a subscription of 30 days. The subscription stays till the time you unsubscribe. At the end of each month, an SMS is sent to you intimating you of the subscription renewal. Usage charges will be extra.

If your handset is currently not supported, you can still access Pocket Finder via WAP or by dialling *567#.

Accessing Pocket Finder

You can access the service through SMS, Phone, WAP or a downloadable application.


To start the service you will need to send the short code to 54654.
Once the service is activated you will need to send different short codes for different services.

Friend Finder

  1. [advt]To find a friend, SMS in the format <FF> <10 digit mobile number of friend> to 54654
  2. The recipient mobile number will get a SMS from 54654 with the text “Your friend <your 10 digit mobile number> wants to add you as a friend. SMS “Yes” to accept and “No” to reject.”
  3. If your friend accepts, you can then track their location.
  4. Your friend can choose to unsubscribe be sending “Unsub” to 54654.

Local Search

For local search SMS in the format <FIND> <Name> to 54654 where <Name> is what you are looking for e.g. Bank, ATM etc.


Simply dial the *567# and get the pocket finder menu. On the menu you can then opt for the service as per the format stated in the return string. All services are available on the return string


Just access the Aircel Pocket Internet page ( and can click the link for pocket finder under “Services”. You will be directed to a WAP page from where you can choose the services (subscribe and unsubscribe) and manage your profile.


Simply SMS “Finder” to 54654 or 5800000 and you will receive an SMS with a link to download the application. On clicking the link the application downloads to the phone and you can access all of the services.


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