2D Barcode Recognizer – Detect, Decode and Encode 2-Dimensional Barcodes

2D Barcode Recognizer is intended for detecting, decoding and encoding two-dimensional barcodes. For example, DataMatrix, Aztec Code, Small Aztec Code, PDF-417. The program is an interface for the user who works with individual Dll-components. A some of filters with use of library ImagePak is realized in program. The basic working graphic formats of the program is JPEG and BMP.

2D Barcode Recognizer

It is very simple to use. You should open a graphic file and to press the button “Recognize”.

In the lower part of the 2D Barcode Recognizer program will display the recognition result, if it is successful. If you press the button “Decode” the code is decoded. The mode of decoding differs from a mode of recognition by that in it is used strictly correctly focused 2d barcode. If you press the button “Encode” the code is encoded.

Download 2D Barcode

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