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Charge Cellphone in Seconds Using 3D nanostructure!

Scientists at the University of Illinois has developed a 3D nanostructure, that may make it possible to recharge mobile phones in seconds or a laptop in minutes. It would also charge high power lasers and defibrillators, required in surgeries without loss of time between pulses. […]

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Qi Technology – Wireless Inductive Charging Standard

Qi technology is the new universal standard for inductive charging. Qi, pronounced chee in traditional Chinese, means energy flow. Qi technology, developed by the Wireless Power Consortium, delivers easy, convenient, cord-free charging for any Qi-enabled devices such as smart phones, cameras, MP3 players which needs 5 Watts or less power. Inductive charging is actually a sub-section of wireless charging. This devise employs inductive power transmission using the electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects. […]