Compose Gmail in Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu

You would have already used Google Indic Transliteration or Transliteration Bots. Now Google has launched Google Indic Language Transliteration feature in Gmail compose window, which enables you to select Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada or Telugu from the compose box menu and start type in English.

When you compose a new mail in Gmail, you should now see an icon with an Indic character. This feature is enabled by default for Gmail users in India. If you do not see this function enabled by default, you will need to go the “Settings” page and enable this option in the “Language” section.


When you click the Indian languages icon, you can type words the way they sound in English and Gmail will automatically convert the word to its Indian local language equivalent. You can select the language of your choice from the drop-down list next to the icon.

Google already supports this feature in ourkut, where you can Scrap Your Orkut Friends in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kananda & Hindi.


  1. dass says:

    where i should get malayalam-english joint software, called ‘manglish’ for using not only for email but for letter drafting etc. please tell me by those who know about it.


  2. vinod says:

    How did you miss out ‘Marathi’? Is it less important?

    1. Sree Pillai says:

      Marathi and other languages were not supported wen we wrote this article. Thats why.

      1. vinod says:

        If you could support Hindi, did it not occur to you that Marathi shares the same script which is ‘Devnagri’? I am just wondering, did you all accidentally overlooked all Marathi users or on purpose? Besides, I hope you do know, Maharashtra is the biggest state in India now. Never mind, we are used to this ignorance.

  3. Achu says:

    I couldn’t type in Malayalam in Gmail Mail Composing.

  4. Sree Pillai says:

    IE6 is a buggy browser, even Microsoft do not want you to use it. You may please upgrade to a Better Browser, Firefox

  5. Google Indic Language Transliteration feature in Gmail compose window – Is not functioning in IE 6.

  6. Rajesh says:

    Dear Mr Pillai,

    I would like to contact you for some sms software developement. Kindly mail me yr contacts at